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Infrastructure !

Infrastructure for Dept of Computer Science


In a strictly academic atmosphere, the students will be exposed to High-Tech state of the art equipment from leading Educational equipment suppliers.

A staff highly qualified professionals in the field of computers, guide the students and gives them through practical training in a computer Laboratory, equipped adequately with the latest generation computers, which includes Pentium Machines with Colour monitors. The computer lab is under UNIX, LAN, Windows NT environment and the Students can work as he/she desired through Networking. The Computer Lab has Ink Jet Printers and Dot-matrix Printers. Each student will get sufficient computational time independently.

  •  Pentium processors based on HP/IBM machines.
  • The entire network rests on four (Firewall, Intranet, Mail, Attachments File & Print) HP and IBM servers
  • The student and faculty members can access the Internet throughout the campus with the help of broadband radio link and ISDN line backup.
  • E-Mail facilities are available for faculty and students.
  • Latest software is available to enable the students to work on data analysis, Web Technologies and Software Designing. 


Big Computer Centers

A Broad Intra Network with the 120 Machines under the UNIX and Windows NT Administration.

The KMDC & PG Colleges

Intranet truly automates the process of execution and enables smooth movement of data across departments.


Infrastructure for Dept of Life Sciences

The Physics and Electronics Laboratories are equipped with the up to date models of the practical equipment and specially designed teaching boards are used for teaching Electronics Practicals. Sufficient numbers of apparatus for each practical in Physics as well as Electronics are provided for each student to get the Experience independently. These departments are manned with experienced and qualified faculty to teach the Courses and conducts the practicals in the respective laboratories.

The college has established Chemistry, Bio-Chemistry, Botony, Zoology and Air Conditioned Bio-Technology laboratories with Ultra Modern Equipment such as -


  • Spectro Photo Meter
  • Colori Meter
  • Auto Clave
  • Incubator
  • Hot Air Oven Centrifuge
  • Digital Spectro Photo meter
  • Vertical laminar flow Gel
  • Electro phorsis
  • Refrigerator and Distilled Water Plant etc. 


Ultra Modern Equipment

Every lab is furnished with latest equipment to meet the requirements Postgraduate Students. The College is having a highly qualified and Experienced & PhD Faculty to teach life sciences and conduct practicals in the laboratories. 



Infrastructure for College Library

The College has over 20,000 Books and Magazines national and international periodicals covering all aspects of Computers & Management studies, with a separate section for CBTs on Curriculum Subjects and Bio-Informatics and Bio-Sciences VCDs from different Pharmaceuticals, and audio-video CDs. Every Student get the Magazine CDs utilize there required softwares upto date. Periodically they are having a good knowledge on softwares, especially on Freeewares and Sharewares. That creates a Hi-Tech state of the art equipment created in the Library.



We have life time Subscriptions on Magazines & Journals that are related to Information Technology & Management studies.


The Library has over 50 Journals and Magazines under the Management Dept Some of the Magazines & Journals are- 

  • Vikalpa
  • Indian Management
  • Economic & Political Weekly
  • Finance India
  • Executive Excellence
  • Harward Business Review
  • HRD News Letter 
  • Indian Journal of Marketing
  • Journal of Management & Research
  • Indian Journal of Industrial Relations
  • Management Review
  • Decision 



The Library  has over 60 Journals and Magazines under the Informatics Dept Some of the Magazines & Journals are-  

  • C & C++ User Journal 
  • Data Quest
  • Developer IQ
  • Living Digital ( Computer Home )
  • ORACLE Magazine
  • Computer Communication Review
  • IT - Information Technology
  • Electronics for U
  • Network Computing
  • Operating Systems Review
  • PC Quest 



Some other Magazines are : Employment News, India Today, The Week, University News, The Competition Master, Competition Success Review, Science Review.

Local IT Magazines : Computer Era, Computer Vignanam, Computers for U.

News Papers : The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, The Indian Express, The Economic times, Business Standard.The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, The Indian Express, The Economic times, Business Standard.